Scaling Your Brand in the Gaming, Esports and Streaming Space featuring Johnny Ward of Damage

Aug 18, 2021

Johnny Ward is the CEO and co-founder of Damage – The Esports Agency, a creative marketing agency that focuses on assisting brands in navigating the gaming, eSports, and streaming space. His goal was to show business owners this elevated, creative, and content production in this industry. 

In this episode, Johnny talks about how his agency was formed and how they can effectively engage in the community of gaming, esports, and streaming. Additionally, he shares how his agency can assist endemic and non-endemic businesses in getting their brand recognized. 

This Cast Covers:

  • Introduction to Johnny Ward and his all-star team and partners that make up Damage -The eSports Agency (2:53)
  • How he strategically categorizes traditional gaming, competitive eSports, and streaming for much on-point target audiences (5:25)
  • The turning point that made Damage come to life (8:13)
  • Identifying your audience's demographics (10:59)
  • Capturing the community to become brand evangelists (13:36)
  • Why traditional agencies don't understand the business of gaming and eSports. (16:12)
  • How Damage exceeded their clients' expectations on viewership and fan participation (18:58)
  • Johnny is open to collaborating with other agencies (23:09)
  • On managing business growth and focusing on sales (27:46)
  • Getting the most out of his networks: defining contacts from leads (33:34)
  • Use of cloud-based CRM for his tagging system (37:30)
  • How agencies can level up by entering the gaming, esports, and streaming space (41:36)

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