SOTR: Finding Your Own Blue Ocean in a Red Ocean of Digital Marketing Agencies

Aug 6, 2021

Today's market is saturated more than ever with marketing agencies of all sizes. As a result, there is a really high chance of the commoditization of services. And if you do not know how to differentiate yourself from every other agency out there, unfortunately, you’ll end up in a race to the bottom. So what can you do to avoid being seen as a commodity? If you're thinking of ways to stand out from the agency crowd, gain an edge, and find your own blue ocean to swim in, then this episode is for you.

Joey dives deep into defining how digital agencies should be positioning themselves in order to achieve exponential revenue growth, how to come up with a no-competition positioning statement, why marketing and sales teams should work together, and why nice guys can definitely win at sales.

What’s in Joey’s Glass: Wilderness Trail Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Single Barrel Bottled In Bond

What’s in JJ’s Glass: Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

This Cast Covers:

  • Joey and JJ discuss their favorite holiday drinks (02:49)
  • The most crucial pieces when it comes to increasing pipeline, winning more businesses, and increasing your client value (09:35)
  • Why so many agencies are swimming in a red ocean and cannot find their blue ocean (10:03)
  • The Blue Ocean Strategy (10:56) 
  • How to carve out a space for yourself where there's not a whole lot of competition (11:05)
  • Why positioning affects sales, the sales departments, sales outcomes, and what It means to plant your flag in a specific niche (14:03)
  • Exercises on how agencies can begin thinking about their positioning and messaging (22:39)
  • How to find that sweet spot intersection of the market or industry you want to serve (23:11)
  • The four elements you need in coming up with your no competition positioning statement (25:08)
  • A quick hack when it comes to driving authority and credibility using email signatures (30:59)
  • Ways to transition or translate your newfound positioning into marketing? (33:40)
  • How Joey thought about who he wanted to serve and how he would serve them before starting his own agency (36:34)
  • What to do if you’re still uncertain of planting your flag in a niche or industry and how to validate an offer (38:22)
  • If your marketing and sales teams don’t get along, here’s what you can do (40:00)
  • Can nice guys win at sales? (50:38)
  • Why the most powerful thing you can do for your life is to take ownership (52:31)

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