How to Embrace Controversy and Wipe Out Your Digital Agency Competition featuring Shane Hunter, The Abrasive Entrepreneur

Aug 4, 2021

Shane Hunter is the Abrasive Entrepreneur. He is a marketing strategist that teaches folks how to define their brand, advertise, market, writes copy, build an email list & online following, and how to convert that list & following into a recurring 5-6 figure income each month. Shane is also a renowned Facebook advertising expert, Oklahoma Extreme Mustang Makeover Open 2021 Champion, and 2021 Vegas TIP Challenge & Open Winner.

In this episode, Shane defines what abrasivism means, where and how he came up with the ideology, why it’s not necessarily a negative thing, how he teaches it to his students to advertise and sell their services or products as well as build a loyal following, and how you can apply this ideology to differentiate yourself and wipe out your competition as a digital agency owner or founder.

This Cast Covers:

  • Shane defines what abrasivism is and shares how he became the Abrasive Entrepreneur (01:44)
  • Was Shane always an abrasive type of guy? (02:56)
  • Why the more genuine you are, the more people are willing to stand by you (03:57)
  • Applying the law of combinatorics into making you the number one at a unique combination of skills (07:11)
  • How to wipe out your competition the badass way (09:25)
  • Shane’s thoughts on cancel culture and how it’s a balancing act to be abrasive and not rubbing people the wrong way (12:19)
  • How to not care about the people who dislike you and attracting your “1000 raving fans” instead (15:00)
  • Why it’s never a good idea to be a clone or copy somebody (17:36)
  • Using authentic and abrasive branding to successfully break out from an old type of branding as a digital marketing agency owner (19:00)
  • A very risqué but effective example of Shane’s ads that broke the norm and was wildly successful (27:00)
  • How Shane became TikTok viral by being kicked in the dick by a wild horse (30:09)
  • How to create attention-grabbing and compelling campaigns (36:58)
  • The exact strategy and elements you need to put together to get that oh so satisfying click (40:50)
  • How to target the right audience for your advertising (45:53)

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