Why Passion is the Ultimate Driver for Your Digital Agency’s Long-term Success featuring Cory Botti of Lockhern Digital

Jul 28, 2021

Cory Botti is the founder and CEO of Lockhern Digital, a digital media agency specializing in Google & Bing Ads management, Google shopping, remarketing, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Amazon Search. Having earned a Masters degree in Entrepreneurship from Baruch College, Cory was dedicated to launching his own business. With years of experience working in digital marketing, he decided it was time to develop his own vision of creating the ‘perfect' SEM strategy and build a company that would mirror his values, outlook, and vigor. 

In this episode, Cory sits down with us to talk about his affinity for entrepreneurship at a very young age, marrying that with his expertise in digital marketing to found Lockhern Digital and the major driver for their agency’s explosive growth. 

This Cast Covers:

  • What Cory and his cofounder Aric attribute to Lockhern Digital’s rocket ship growth (03:58)
  • How specializing in Google Shopping has worked in their favor (05:54)
  • Agencies are either weeds who focus on client acquisition or oak trees who focus on client retention, and sometimes they’re both (07:26) 
  • How Cory has gotten to a point in his journey as an agency owner where it's not a monetary pursuit anymore(09:18)
  • Recalling his natural sales skills and entrepreneurial mindset even as a little boy selling his used toys to neighbors (13:40)
  • What getting a Masters degree in Entrepreneurship taught him about business (18:27)
  • Cory’s plans for Lockhern Digital in the future (22:06) 
  • Letting your clients see the vision of working with you for the long term (25:14)
  • Cory’s advice for founders thinking actively about growing their agency in 2021 (25:57)  
  • Where the entire team at Lockhern Digital gets all of their passion working with different brands and clients (29:22)

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