How to Crush Client Churn and Streamline Delivery for Digital Agency featuring Shaun Clark of HighLevel

Jul 14, 2021

Shaun Clark is the CEO and co-founder of HighLevel, a full suite platform for agencies. They bring all the tools an agency needs such as a CRM, funnel builder, marketing automation, content delivery, calendar, membership platform, etc., into one place, as well as automate the process of capturing, nurturing, and closing leads.

Shaun’s vision for HighLevel is to get every marketing agency out there equipped to just crush it in their vertical or in their market or in their local area, wherever they serve, with everybody that they come across, both on the service side and on the software side.

This Cast Covers:

  • Shaun’s journey before HighLevel ever came to fruition (03:24)
  • How HighLevel shifted from serving small business owners to serving agencies serving small businesses (05:04)
  • The problem of most lead-gen type agencies is retention (06:09)
  • How HighLevel functions as an all-in-one integrator for all necessities (07:16)
  • The SaaS agency opportunity all agencies should be taking advantage of (09:51)
  • How to deal with churn or share of revenue problems (10:10)
  • A perfect example of a company driving revenue through SaaS (13:51)
  • Shaun’s take on agencies who struggle to be an all-in-one platform (14:44)
  • How agencies use HighLevel to run client acquisition and growth for their funnels (19:32)
  • How to address the problem of following up and focusing on win rate rather than generating more leads (21:28)
  • An interesting study by MIT on the factors that ultimately make the sale from web-based leads (22:27) 
  • Joey attests to the fact that following up with a lead in the first hour can increase conversion by 70%
  • The caveat of automating anything and everything without any real thought (25:26)
  • Engagement tactics to get insane reply rates via message or cold email (26:03)
  • Doing outbound and providing value easily with just a click of a button (30:13)
  • Where HighLevel is headed two to five years from now (31:46)

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