SOTR: Trading Hours for Dollars is a Terrible Way to Grow Your Agency, Switch to Value-Based Pricing Instead

Jul 9, 2021

We're back with another exciting episode of the Sales on the Rocks segment with me and JJ Russell, my Senior Client Advisor over at Sales Driven Agency. Today, we talked about value-based pricing, communicating your value effectively, and why you should never, ever, under any circumstance, ask your sales team or sales rep to take a backseat and stop selling.

What’s in Joey’s glass: Chattanooga Whiskey Experimental Batch Limited Edition Single Barrel

What’s in JJ’s glass: Knob Creek Small Batch 9 Year Bourbon 

This Cast Covers:

  • Top reasons you should never tell a sales rep or sales team to slow down or pull back (03:06)
  • What you can do instead of asking your sales team to slow down (04:35)
  • Different levels you can pull in your agency that would not require your sales team to take a backseat but still equal or increase revenue – leads, win rate, client value (05:24)
  • What are the signs you're overpricing yourself? (06:26)
  • Understanding how value-based pricing affects the sales conversation (08:38)
  • Why trying to grow your business by charging hourly is a foolish idea (10:43)
  • The best way to communicate the impact and value you bring to your clients (11:57)
  • Demonstrating your value clearly and effectively without using slides (13:14)
  • Why you should know what's important to your customers (13:23)
  • Why Joey dislikes slides and sales decks and what he suggests you do instead (14:19)
  • The benefits of creating some type of impact proforma for clients (17:25)
  • Joey's favorite sales phrase to use when the client is still caught up on price (18:13)
  • Some of the best agency sales operations we’ve seen in the space (20:05)
  • Joey is put on the hot seat and asked if he has ever encountered someone that he couldn’t help (22:03)
  • Funny story about Joey turning down a client at the last minute (24:14)
  • Incentivizing your employee or sales rep to care first about the well-being of the team instead of their commission or short-term gain (28:18)
  • Qualifying your leads the right way (31:34)
  • Joey dives into the startup and shutdown routine (33:25)
  • Why we should be maximizing for outcomes and not activities (36:33)
  • The need to take care of yourself first as a sales representative, agency owner, or entrepreneur (39:57)
  • What Joey enjoys most about sales and working with sales-driven agencies (43:20)

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