Productizing, Raising Prices and Charging What You’re Truly Worth as a Badass Digital Marketing Agency CEO featuring Marty McDonald of Bad Rhino

Jul 7, 2021

Marty McDonald is the co-founder and CEO of Bad Rhino Inc, an award-winning, full-service social media marketing and digital agency based in West Chester, Pennsylvania. Among Bad Rhino's clients are specialty food companies, craft beer manufacturers, restaurants, golf courses, insurance companies, staffing agencies, apparel manufacturers, fitness clubs, Fortune 500 companies, and Major League Baseball players.

Marty started out as a headhunter and used social media strategies to actively recruit and build online marketing businesses for over 18 years. He has since then consulted with small businesses and startups to help them succeed online. He is also the author of Great Beer is Not Enough and the host of the Taps and Tees Podcast.

In this episode, Marty McDonald discusses his journey towards becoming the CEO and co-founder of Bad Rhino, advising clients on the appropriate use of social media for their business, and pricing strategies for agencies.

This Cast Covers:

  • Marty talks golf gear and his fanboy obsession with the brand Vessel (02:24)
  • The crazy story of how he got 18 clients instantaneously all because he opened his mouth at a networking event (07:10)
  • How Bad Rhino started in 2010 and growing the business 11 years later (08:33)
  • The agency’s impressive revenue and margins despite having a small team (10:26)
  • Being able to enjoy life and still work really hard is the luxury of CEO life (13:30)
  • Why most agencies fall into the trap of charging their clients too little for their services (16:27)
  • Ignoring the opportunity costs and why you should be incredibly dialed in on who you work with (20:29)
  • Why it’s better to “rock the boat” early on with your clients (21:28)
  • Knowing the true value of your services and charging your worth (27:00)
  • Joey summarizes a three-hour podcast about how we are number one in something in the world (31:45)
  • Marty gives a sneak peek of the new stuff Bad Rhino will be putting out soon (33:48)
  • The movement towards “done with you” services and leveraging wisdom, not labor (37:23)
  • The dangers of lacking a holistic digital marketing strategy (40:57)

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