SOTR: Casting Nets or Fishing with Spears? Off the Cuff Sales Discussions with Joey and JJ

Jul 2, 2021

In this episode, we look back on how JJ and I first met, how he became my Client Advisor for my company, Sales Driven Agency, addressing common sales objections, account-based selling, founder-based selling, and the Trust Transaction Ladder. Whether you're the CEO or founder of a 7 to 8-figure agency or you're still building out your company, you'll definitely get something out of this episode.

This Cast Covers:

  •  A quick recap of how we got acquainted (04:30) 
  •  What we’re drinking at the moment (06:45) 
  •  Why most agency owners are reluctant to try outbound sales (11:10) 
  •  Is outbound sales really effective for digital agencies? (12:11)
  • Joey breaks down the basic definition of sales (14:14)
  • How do you build trust when reaching out to possible prospects? (16:20) 
  • The 2 types of sales most B2B companies practice (16:30)
  • Why we recommend doing account-based selling (17:40)
  • How to overcome the challenges in doing cold outreach (27:02)
  • The Trust Transaction Ladder (29:03)
  • When is the right time to hire a sales team or salesperson? (32:04)
  • Why startup agency owners should focus on becoming a founder-based seller (35:58)
  • Investing in yourself is probably the greatest investment you will ever make (36:36)
  • Things to consider before hiring salespeople (37:23)
  • What’s worth investing in if you’re a growth-minded CEO (39:47)
  • Why I prioritize investing heavily on a personal business coach, mentors, and masterminds (44:42)
  • The 5 categories of investments you can make as a leader (46:51)
  • Why success is 80% mindset, and only 20% strategy and skills (48:24)
  • JJ talks about how being in the Sales Driven Agency was a mindset shift for him (51:20)
  • Addressing a common fear of agency owners who don’t want to invest in their people (55:43)

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