Scaling your Agency through Outsourcing and Delegating featuring Robert Nickell of Rocket Station

Jun 16, 2021

Robert Nickell is the Founder and CEO of Rocket Station, the leading provider of outsourced staffing and process management for the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry. Operating in Dallas Ft Worth since 2013, Rocket Station helps small to mid-sized businesses hire virtual teams with efficiency and profitability. Simplified staffing allows operators to focus on core competencies and outsource the rest.

Robert started his career as an entrepreneur in the real estate industry which has positioned him to support many real estate entrepreneurs and established firms who are struggling with staffing and human resources. Robert and his team’s strength in evaluating best practices and efficient ways to staff capacity have continued to propel Rocket Station. When not helping clients build better businesses, you’ll find Robert traveling the world or hanging out with his nephews in Dallas.

In this episode, Robert shares how he was able to build Rocket Station of nearly 1000 employees out of his frustrations as a business owner and how they now help their clients scale up through effective hiring, training, and outsourcing strategies. We learn that by defining and getting clear on what the problem is in the business, it becomes much easier from there to find solutions and work on creating systems and processes.

This Cast Covers:

  • Robert shares his own frustrations in running a business when he started out (2:42)
  • How he discovered a crucial step he was missing in hiring, training, and managing people that changed the game for him and his business (5:24)
  • Coming up with a formula for success or a 4-step process for every client partner (5:40)
  • How Rocket Station grew from zero employees to 800 employees  (8:21)
  • Why most agency owners and employees waste their time doing the $10/hour tasks instead of focusing on the $2,000/hour tasks (10:03)
  • Why having an extremely poor structure in your business makes it impossible to function 100%
  • What you’re really missing out on when you don’t fire yourself from sales or admin tasks (14:53)
  • How handing off administrative tasks can allow you to get back more emotional bandwidth and space to think more creatively (15:46)
  • Growth in three categories: leads, win rate, client value (18:03)
  • Robert walks us through the 4-step process they would do if they were ever to come in and help Sales Driven Agency (23:31)
  • Step one: Discovery and alignment phase (28:00)
  • Step two: Creating systems and process stack (28:40)
  • Step three: Identifying what to delegate and outsource and finding a member that’s going to fit into that role (30:06)
  • Step four: Onboarding and accountability (31:25)
  • Your employees are not an expense, they’re an asset

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