Take Your Agency to the Next Level with Systems, People and Processes featuring Jason Swenk of Smart Agency Masterclass

Jun 9, 2021

Jason Swenk is an entrepreneur, advisor, and coach who guides digital agency owners in growing, scaling, enjoying, and eventually selling their agencies. After a brief stint in the corporate world, he started his own digital agency and ran it for 12 years, working with clients like Hitachi, Lotus Cars, and AT&T. Jason sold his agency in 2012 for eight figures and decided now to develop the support and resources he wishes he had when running his agency. Today, he is passionate about being the #1 resource to agencies around the world, sharing his knowledge on the Smart Agency Masterclass Podcast, frequently guesting on other radio and podcast shows, speaking at events, and most recently in his first book, Accelerating Your Agency: An 8 System Playbook for Growing Your Agency Faster released June 2018.

His books, coaching, and online courses have helped over 20,000 agencies in 42 countries. He currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia with his wife and two sons and spends time off-roading in his Jeep. He also enjoys hiking his mountain property in Durango, Colorado.

In today’s interview, we’ll be talking about the different stages of growing and scaling an agency, how Jason developed and profitably sold his agency for 8 figures, how to work only with your ideal clients, charge what you’re worth, and build the right systems to bring your agency to the next level. 

This Cast Covers:

  • Staging – getting clear on their offer, niche, and market (03:40)
  • Basecamp – generating leads and conversions on a consistent basis (04:06)
  • The Climb – building systems for each area of the agency, sales processes, figuring how to raise prices (04:42)
  • The phase where most agencies find themselves stuck (06:08)
  • How to hire the right people and most importantly, WHEN to hire them (10:07)
  • Is it enough to stop at the climb where you have a consistent flow of predictable leads and sales coming in? (14:40)
  • The “lead disease” and why so many agencies are obsessed by it (16:46)
  • What you can learn from a barber named John about pricing and charging more (23:39)
  • The Crux – you’re no longer involved in the delivery or sales and focused on building the right team (26:43)
  • Why most agencies fail or get stuck at the $1-3M revenue mark and how to get past this phase (28:01)
  • Why it’s okay to hire someone who is 70 or 80% as competent as you are (32:11)
  • Jason’s vision for the agency space (33:15)
  • The Crest – transitioning from the owner to the CEO, building strategic relationships, and building leaders to make the decisions (35:40)
  • The Summit – scaling the leadership, scaling the systems, and focusing on how your team can get further ahead (37:08)

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