Driving Long-Term Agency Growth by Setting Goals featuring Kevin Planovsky of Vert Digital

May 26, 2021

Kevin is the co-founder and Principal, Account Strategy at Vert Digital, an award-winning, full-service digital marketing agency based in Atlanta Georgia. They specialize in paid media, website design & development, social strategy, & email marketing.

In addition to building digital businesses for leading brands like Amazon, First Watch Restaurants, and RentPath, he is also a member of the UGA’s New Media Institute’s Steering Committee & advises a few start-up digital companies in Atlanta.

This episode focuses on agency growth, thinking more big-picture and long-term ways to scale the business, and avoiding silver bullet tactics all the time. We also discuss how to drive referrals with existing clients to get more control of your pipeline.

This Cast Covers:

  • Having a knack for “making something from nothing” even at a very young age (01:48) 
  • Why Kevin pursued advertising at the University of Georgia (04:01) 
  • Falling in love with the New Media Institute which became the inspiration for Vert Digital (04:14) 
  • How Vert Digital grew from exploring digital technologies into the success it is now (05:39) 
  • The challenges of being an agency owner and having to wear multiple hats (06:45) 
  • How Vert Digital stood out despite an increasingly saturated market (08:46) 
  • Kevin lists the 4 things that determine whether Vert Digital is a good fit for you (10:30) 
  • What the agency is doing to find their ideal clients (12:20) 
  • Why Kevin hates requests for proposal (RFPs) (15:22) 
  • The squeeze offer Vert Digital uses to determine whether or not a client could be a long-term potential business partner (18:22) 
  • Why humility is required in successful partnerships (22:28) 
  • Building an agency that will be around decades from now and who was the catalyst for this idea (27:10)
  • Having steadfast personal values that tie in with the rest of the agency (33:11) 
  • Vert Digital’s challenges and how they plan to overcome them (36:40) 
  • Joey’s system and process of driving referrals with current existing clients  (40:54) 
  • Vert Digital’s plans in the next few years as the excitement for digital rises (44:43)

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