Finding Enjoyment in all Five Gears as it Applies to Sales

Oct 7, 2022

There are a lot of great tools that salespeople can implement in order to close more deals, but one great tool is framing. Framing is a technique that salespeople use in order to make the sales process easier for their reps. When you frame a sales conversation, you're taking the lead in a particular direction. This episode will explore how to handle objections during a call and show you how to progress further into getting them to the next step of the sales process.

This Cast Covers: 

  • Why Joey’s feeling under the weather on this podcast episode (01:47)
  • Team training on the five gears: How to Be Present and Productive When There Is Never Enough Time (05:35)
  • The concept of 5 gears and how it pertains to salespeople especially when they need to kick ass 50-60 hours/week (07:46)
  • You should aim to find enjoyment in all 5 gears of your life and work (10:19)
  • JJ admits his biggest weakness but he’s getting better at it (11:49)
  • Why do you put so much weight on the outcome as opposed to putting weight on the work itself? (14:12) 
  • The challenge with humans is we're so existential and we always think about our purpose and why we’re here (14:34)
  • Why sometimes we just need to do the fucking work (16:34)
  • Creating connection and friendship outside of work is something really important to JJ (17:36)
  • Our constant struggle with discontentment (20:00) 
  • Depression and anxiety come from one of two things: discontentment and lack of control. (20:45)
  • Joey’s thinking of switching up the focus of the podcast (22:50)
  • Why JJ and Joey recommend Phone Burner as a solid power dialer that every sales team should utilize (25:05)
  • The use of dispositions when making dials and during live calls (28:30)
  • How Phone Burner works best if you’re technical, patient, and understand integrations (29:49)
  • Why you should also have your non-ICP criteria (30:59)
  • The good thing is once you start picking up the good thing, it’s easy to rip through the calls (32:51)
  • How to handle objections during a call like “Send me some sales collateral and then we’ll set something up” (34:46)
  • What is framing and how do you leverage it in a sales conversation? (07:06)
  • Siloing out issues is one of the best ways to identify your prospects’ real objections (09:59) 

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