Sales is a Game of Momentum and Very Much a Team Sport

Sep 23, 2022

When you sell a productized service, it can sometimes be difficult to figure out how to effectively communicate the story behind it. It's tempting to tailor your messaging to the strengths of your offer, but doing so risks alienating both your outbound and inbound target prospects. This episode will look at how you can put your productized service on the front foot by developing a compelling message that offers a unique value.

What’s in Joey’s and JJ’s glasses: Presidente – Beer from the Dominican Republic 5%

This Cast Covers: 

  • How we’re feeling during a potential hurricane in the Dominican Republic (02:19)
  • Joey and JJ recall going through extreme weather situations in their respective childhood (03:41)
  • How Joey and his wife handle hard decisions in the family (05:29)
  • Decision-making in the Russell household (07:22)
  • Why Joey believes there always should be a very distinct captain of the ship in any agency or company (08:47) 
  • What are both Joey and JJ bringing to the mastermind this time around that's different than what they brought to the mastermind a year and a half ago (10:50)
  • How the Best Damn Agency Mastermind members have also evolved and created a legit brotherhood of agency CEOs (13:29)
  • If you're going to build a sales team, should you just stick with your validated offer with validated demand or create a new lower-ticket offer for your new sales hire to sell? (15:23)
  • Some principles Joey thinks through when crafting an offer consolidating all the basket of goods you’re going to sell (18:06)
  • What Joey means when he talks about a productized service (20:32)
  • How using analogies when selling and talking about delivery can make a world of difference (24:45)
  • Why JJ hates when clients call their foot-in-the-door offer an “audit” (26:04)
  • it's just all about positioning and how you frame that foot-in-the-door offer (29:33)
  • Green flags that can validate you’ve made the right hire in your sales team (30:00)
  • What Joey and JJ are most excited to get out of this mastermind retreat (35:50)
  • Leaning into the relational aspects of the trip (37:38)

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