The Hardest Part About Scaling Your Agency – Joey Reveals the Honest Truth

Sep 16, 2022

One thing’s for certain in this business: If you're scaling your agency to success, there are going to be a lot of tough moments. It starts with the lack of resources and staffing, but it doesn’t end there. Scaling an agency is hard on so many levels, from dealing with difficult people to the lack of a clear direction. Pour yourself a tall glass because, in this episode, Joey and JJ spill the beans on what to expect when scaling your agency, how to write good sales copy, how to find the right people, and the real-life application of building a great culture in your company.

What’s in Joey’s glass: E.H. Taylor Single Barrel and Manik Black Edition Extra Añejo

What's in JJ's glass: Blade and Bow Kentucky Straight Bourbon

This Cast Covers: 

  • Prepping for our trip to the Dominican Republic (06:05)
  • The actual meaning of the phrase “burn the ships” and why it’s so important to Joey (07:00)
  • If you need somebody to write sales copy that converts for you, then you probably need to investigate Sales Driven Agency (13:02)
  • A certain roadmap every agency owner’s probably gonna need that’s in the works and will be launched pretty soon (16:15)
  • Why sales copy is vastly different from sales copy and what makes good, high-converting sales copy (20:38)
  • How a cold email shouldn’t read like a marketing email and what to put on the subject line to get them to open and read your email (23:44)
  • Why the “unprofessional-sounding” emails get more opens and conversions (27:26)
  • Should partners be compensated or paid a commission for deals they sold? (29:00)
  • Is a highly-skilled, sales-focused partner more valuable and deserves more equity than the other partners? (30:00)
  • The biggest lesson Joey learned in scaling up and growing a company (33:22)
  • Doing weekly shoutouts to the people who embody the five core values of the company (34:54) 
  • Are your company’s core values actually detracting you from sales success? (39:24)
  • Whoever backfills Joey as the VP of sales really has to bring it because they’ll have their work cut out for them  (43:29)
  • Relinquishing control is something Joey’s learning in scaling the company (44:37)
  • The most fun Joey and JJ’s done recently (47:42)

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