How to Train Your Sales People to Success Even If You Suck at Sales

Sep 9, 2022

At Sales Driven Agency, we coach your salespeople to sell, but one of the most valuable things for coaching is shadowing a sales trainer, the previous salesperson, and sometimes you as the founder. Now we know you didn’t start your agency with a background in selling (unless it was out of necessity or unless you were Joey) and that’s okay. Because in this episode, we teach your salespeople what to look out for when shadowing a salesperson who sucks at selling… even if that salesperson is you.

What’s in Joey’s glass: E.H. Taylor Single Barrel

This Cast Covers: 

  • How Joey lost 22 lbs in 3 weeks (02:05)
  • A few people affirm our decision to keep the SOTR segment on this podcast (09:54)
  • Can you still learn from shadowing a shitty salesperson/founder-based seller? (12:08)
  • Shadowing a salesperson/founder vs. training or learning a ton of content (14:53)
  • How long should you let your salesperson shadow you on calls before you let them run their own outreach (17:47) 
  • The one thing Joey wished he had SDA’s new account executive do during training (20:59)
  • How to identify the role players versus the elevators in the company and who to take with you when you run multiple businesses (23:26)
  • Joey’s take on never hiring role players, only players that have a massive ceiling and a leadership potential (31:08)
  • JJ wrestles with the idea that some people who seem to have a lot seem unhappy while others who barely have anything seem joyful and carefree (38:46)
  • Why we have to make time for gratitude (41:07)
  • Both Joey and JJ share their moments of expressing gratitude and contentment (43:15)

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