SOTR: Being a ‘’Thermostat’’ as a Leader

Aug 5, 2022

Serving you unscripted conversations, Joey and JJ are back on Sales on The Rocks to tackle becoming effective leaders in sales from being good to an elite and world-dominating salesperson. In this episode, we will also gain insights about hiring candidates and setting specific target earnings. Joey also shares some helpful tips when building or renovating a house. 

What’s in JJ’s glass: Bourbon

This Cast Covers: 

  • JJ’s energy is fake! Here’s why (2:15)
  • JJ shares his experience of buying a brand new car (3:59)
  • Losing virginity at the age of 15 is an underwhelming feeling for Joey (10:20)
  • Getting used to a thing you were excited about or growing old pretty quick causes an underwhelming feeling (11:03)
  • The Best Damn Agency Mastermind is the number one community for agencies (12:09)
  • Get to know Napoleon Hill who wrote the book Think and Grow Rich (12:32)
  • Experience in the space is what makes it hard to compete with Joey (15:47)
  • Being a ‘’Thermostat’’ that accepts feedback indicates a good leader (18:28)
  • JJ tells how fun the buzz was last week at SDA (19:38)
  • Joey gives back the credit to his team (20:25)
  • Mastering the cold email turned into a silver bullet to giving up early on tactics (21:52)
  • Never skimp on talent when building/renovating a house (26:56) 
  • JJ talks about the effectiveness of hiring the best candidates at an executive level (31:10)
  • Learn the difference between a good salesperson and an elite salesperson (33:00)
  • Sales Driven Agency solves problems of agency owners who are not salespeople (35:10)
  • A deep dive at the works in the Sales Driven Agency (36:00)
  • Setting specific target earnings for a salesperson in times of product and pricing evolution (38:35)
  • A situation when it is best to change the structure (40:40)
  • Creating new offers means increasing margins (41:30)
  • Learn the most mission-critical among the G.W.C model of EOS (46:00)
  • Cold Call or Cold Email? Find out Joey’s choice (48:06)
  • Selling high tickets outdoor over selling low tickets as an inside sales representative (49:40)
  • If not the CEO, what job does Joey like to take in (52:00)

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