How to Crush Inbound Marketing and Sales with Long-form Video Ads featuring Jacques Spitzer of Raindrop

Aug 3, 2022

Jacques Spitzer is the CEO and Founder of the San Diego-based full-service branding and advertising firm Raindrop. Over the past decade, Raindrop has helped more than six direct-to-consumer brands grow by millions in just months and are responsible for creating the top-performing ad of 2020 on Youtube. Among their clients include WORX, Omigo, Crossrope, HoneyBug, the Souplantation & Sweet Tomatoes, Dr. Squatch, BakBlade, T.S. Restaurants, Ruggable, and The San Diego Symphony.

He is also the author of the book People Love Turkey Sandwiches and co-author of the book Think Better, a sought-after speaker, documentary filmmaker, and 2-time Emmy-winning storyteller and creative director. His work has been featured in Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine.

In this podcast, Jacques shares how he’s leading at least 100 employees for his two different companies combined, the importance of an entrepreneurial operating system, what his day-to-day looks like nowadays, and what most ad agencies get wrong about creating video content.

This Cast Covers:

  • How Raindrop walks the talk by doing their own marketing for their agency (05:38) 
  • Creating a long-form ad that led to an insane number of leads for almost zero ad spend (10:21)
  • Why Joey is an idiot for not leveraging this type of content in their outbound process that could easily cut their cost per acquisition by half (11:17)
  • There is never a wrong moment or time to invest in yourself (11:48)
  • Jacques shares his insights on creating edutainment content (13:09)
  • What makes Raindrop unique from other advertising agencies creating video content for their clients (14:08)
  • Don’t start with what you want to say, start with what your consumer wants to hear (16:14)
  • What has changed for Jacques and Raindrop in the past 12 to 18 months since being on the podcast (17:52) 
  • How implementing EOS radically transformed Sales Driven Agency as well (19:39)
  • Having an EOS has led to so much clarity and profitability (22:11)  
  • “Think Better” by Jacques Spitzer and Jeffrey Campbell (23:06)
  • Jacques shares one of the parables in the book about overemphasizing the role we play in other people’s lives (25:21)
  • Joey recalls a life-changing moment when he realized he was just a rock in someone else’s play (25:52)
  • Is it true that any PR is good PR? (29:05)
  • What does Jacques’s day-to-day now look like? (32:30)
  • Jacques shares his upcoming podcast launching really soon called Marketing People Love (34:55)

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