SOTR: How Did Joey Gilkey Become World-Class in Sales?

Jul 29, 2022

Joey and JJ are on track again in their unfiltered conversation in this week’s episode of Sales On The Rocks. Tune in as they discuss the balancing of optimization for conversion and overdeliver in the sales process. Joey unravels his secrets of becoming world-class at sales. They also share inspiring tips about unwiring negativities. Plus, heartfelt insight about what the Best Damn Agency has created. 

What’s in JJ’s glass: Whiskey 

This Cast Covers: 

  • The athletic accomplishment that Joey is proud of (4:10)
  • JJ tells a story of his car being caught on fire (07:21)
  •  Attention, likability, and credibility in a nutshell (12:09)
  • A teaser of Joey’s book for agencies (13:28)
  • Find out what Joey thought about the third season of “Stranger Things’’ (16:35)
  • Underselling too much hurts profitability and revenue (19:56)
  • The client’s success could be at risk in overselling (20:05)
  • How to balance undersell vs. overdeliver (20:38)
  • Creating good clients can shrink your Total Addressable Market (TAM) (21:42)
  • Learn about the Harmonic Triangle of Mike Blasco (22:54)
  • The people’s feedback on the BDA’s delivery side (27:01)
  • Joey’s spectacular skills make him world-class at sales (29:23)
  • College is stupid and a degree doesn’t matter (31:08)
  • Find out if Joey always had a high standard for success (32:45)
  • Thinking about what’s worth for the future than settling for less helps Joey to become a master at sales (35:30)
  • Metrics for accountability or scoreboards that help set sales goals (37:01)
  • To sharpen one another as a family is what The Best Damn Agency has created (40:21)
  • Best Damn Agency also helps people to lead a more holistic life (41:08)
  • The value of outputs over inputs in sales (43:49)
  • What bothers Joey’s leadership capabilities (46:21)
  • Learn about this 15 minutes TEDx Talk of Michael Neill that answers the question: Why aren’t we awesomer? (51:40)
  • Joey on changing wirings to be focused on the positive than negative perceptions in life (53:49)

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