Making the Crazy Transition From LAPD Gang Officer to Badass Agency Owner featuring Jason Smith of Spotlight Social

Jul 27, 2022

Jason Smith owns an agency called Spotlight Social Media Consulting, a Facebook and Instagram ads agency helping brands and businesses 10X their growth and scale through a winning ads formula. Prior to that, Smith worked as a Los Angeles police officer for 13 years.  Currently, he lives in Colorado with his wife and children.  “Perpetual Traffic”, a podcast produced by Digital Marketer, chronicles Smith's departure from the police force.  Aside from building high-converting Facebook and Instagram campaigns, Jason enjoys wakeboarding, wake surfing, and dirt biking.

In this episode, Jason recounts his past career as a Los Angeles police officer, how it’s shaped his view on humanity, wealth building, relationships, and the takeaways that led him to be a successful seven to eight-figure revenue agency owner.

This Cast Covers:

  • Who is Jason Smith and what does Spotlight Social do? (03:15)
  • Why Jason turned down some pretty sizable opportunities such as 7-figure single company deals (04:48)
  • The unique path Jason took in becoming an agency owner  (07:00)
  • His background as a gang officer In Los Angeles and why LA is probably the most violent city in the nation (08:13)  
  • Did his 14-year experience as a police officer have any negative ramifications on his  view on people and humanity (12:14)
  • Part of his job as a gang officer was to make sure he knew every single gang member, their families, and their lifestyles (17:56)
  • Policemen think they're stuck in a job for 25-30 years when that’s not really the case (19:02)
  • How he ended up running an agency after a long career in the police field (20:10)
  • His fears about leaving the police force and the relational toll it took working nonstop everyday (25:18)
  • Jason’s big takeaways about transitioning from police officer to agency owner and how that impacted his life positively (29:32)
  • Navigating through current IoS 14 changes and how it’s created both headaches and opportunities for Spotlight Social (35:00) 

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