SOTR: First Things First in a Cold Call Role Play

Jul 22, 2022

In this episode of the Sales On the Rocks, Joey does the Cold Call Role Play with co-host JJ. You’ll learn the first thing to do when making a cold call and also gain insights about how to work while having a chill lifestyle apart from knowing how to become an effective salesperson and manager. The podcast also discusses plans after retirement – Will you still work for passion?

What’s in Joey’s glass: Zero Sugar Monster Energy drink

What’s in JJ’s glass: Rabbit Hill

This Cast Covers: 

  • Different kinds of tones to sound optimistic and annoying (02:21)
  • Joey’s tips on how not to become the person you hate (06:52)
  • Meet Eliud Kipchoge, the first person in history to run a 26-mile marathon in under 2 hours (08:33)
  • Work is not punishment but should be balanced with chilling (13:01)
  • Why do some people hate their job? (16:30)
  • Joey and JJ roleplay cold-calling, where Joey offers SEO to JJ, a dentist owning multiple clinics (20:20)
  • The number one thing you need to do first in a cold call (28:29)
  • The best thing about cold call roleplay (29:39)
  • The effective use of self-deprecation in a cold call (30:43)
  • “No competition positioning statement” works incredibly in the attention of potential clients in cold calls (32:29)
  • Best Damn Agency Mastermind has another goal apart from bringing people a bigger picture of becoming CEO (35:37)
  • JJ addresses criticisms about the Best Damn Agency Mastermind (37:26)
  • What Joey is looking for in hiring a sales coach (40:45)
  • Different the roles of a sales coach and sales managers (40:50)
  • The challenges of bringing a sales coach rather than a Senior salesperson to potential clients ( 44:45)
  • Will Joey continue to work? (49:09)

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