SOTR: Breaking Myths about Economic Recessions

Jul 15, 2022

In this new episode of Sales on The Rocks, we will tackle recession, how to address it, how people should act towards it, the value of tact in winning deals in the sales pipeline, and discover the secret behind taking ownership through sales training. Moreover, we will also have more profound insights about The Sales Driven Agency and Best Damn Agency Mastermind. 

What’s in Joey’s glass: Athletic Greens

What’s in JJ’s glass: Coffee

This Cast Covers:

  • One thing you learn when you’re fat: You are always on a diet (1:7)
  • Recessions are somewhat manufactured (6:15)
  • The chain effect if people get scared of recession in the economy (7:00)
  • We are all creatures of habit in psychology (8:40)
  • Find out what one-percenters do in a recession (9:24)
  • Joey highlights the importance of buying in a time of recession (10:40)
  • Discover how a person from earning nothing became worth over $100 million (11:47)
  • Recessions are where most people will make their fortunes on the back end. (13:01)
  • Do not accumulate debts (13:51)
  • Here’s how Joey as a CEO instills ownership (16:06)
  • Learn the importance of tact in being a challenger (18:53)
  • The secret of winning deals in the sales pipeline (23:51)
  • The value of timing and consistency in winning deals (27:05)
  • What Joey wants to change with his clients (46:15)
  • JJ cannot stand how resistant clients are to the hiring process. Here’s why (48:02)

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