Take Care of the Captain First, and the Ship Will Practically Sail Itself featuring Chad Webb and Jason Heflin of CrowdSouth

Jul 13, 2022

CrowdSouth is a digital marketing agency that specializes in social media, search engine marketing, and web design. They serve clients from California to South Florida, and their office is in Kentucky. The name CrowdSouth was born from their passion for helping businesses connect with their “crowd,” and their home base here in the “south.”

Jason Heflin and Chad Webb, co-owners of CrowdSouth, spent the first 8 years of their careers in corporate sales – managing multi-million dollar marketing budgets, high-stakes projects, and technical teams. 

In this episode, Jason and Chad share their experiences as co-owners of CrowdSouth, what it’s like to split everything 50/50 as partners, their valuable takeaways from being part of Best Damn Agency Mastermind, their initial thoughts about raising prices, and the leaps and bounds in their business after implementing this difficult call.

This Cast Covers:

  • Chad and Jason talk about how they decided to become 50-50 business partners at CrowdSouth (02:45) 
  • The two most crucial things to having a successful partnership that both Chad and Jason definitely possess (05:22) 
  • How Jason and Chad were like as 12-year-old kids and what they thought they would be growing up (07:01)
  • Who earns more: an astronaut or an account manager at Sales Driven Agency? (08:32)
  • The final straw that led Chad and Jason to leave their previous company and go build their own damn thing (09:27)
  • How Jason approached Chad to become his business partner and the birth of CrowdSouth (12:03)
  • What changed in the last 12 to 18 months after Joey challenged them to increase their prices (14:06)
  • Why investing in your own growth as an owner and investing in your agency is the best business decision you’ll ever make (15:26)
  • What most owners often forget while running their agency (17:04)
  • Joey emphasizes taking care of the captain first (18:13)
  • The inevitable wrestle between having a lifestyle business and having a full-blown company building towards an enterprise (19:14)
  • How Jason and Chad reach an agreement about landing on a direction for their agency specifically (21:00)
  • Being partners of a company means allowing the other person to excel in the areas they are already great and successful in and having fun while doing it (24:21)
  • Why it’s a must to raise your prices and stop undercharging for your services (25:03)
  • Opportunities for growth at CrowdSouth that Chad and Jason might not be currently excelling in and how they’re tackling them (31:28)

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