SOTR: The Difference Between Leading and Managing

Jul 8, 2022

Joey and JJ are back at it again with a #nofilter discussion with booze on the rocks to cap off the week! They discuss and touch on topics ranging from strategizing, the most effective ways to model scaling your team, tips on stability, backtracking the 90-5-5 principle, and more. The Sales on the Rocks podcast megaphones the hard-truths agency owners should hear.

This Cast Covers:

  • Joey shares his theory on “The Slippery Slope of Artificial Intelligence Learning” (6:40)
  • Will robots have a future as alternative pleasure satisfiers? (11:33)
  • The 5 bucket investment strategy: learn how you should allocate your hard work onto different brackets (17:10)
  • Effective internal structuring methods you need to do to help attract external win-wins (20:09)
  • Joey defines his contentment and happiness in his current career setup. Get to know what Joey’s proven and tested business scale model is (24:23)
  • JJ and Joey run down the 90-5-5 principle on employee roundups
  • The difference between leading and managing (27:45)
  • Joey and JJ share their thoughts on Top Gun: Maverick (33:03)
  • Of consciousness and intuitive thinking: Joey highlights one of Top Gun: Maverick’s greatest lessons (34:33)
  • How to bounce back from client cuts (39:43)
  • Learn the power of networking (41:22)

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