How to Get Over the Marketing Attribution Nightmare featuring Justin Rowe of Impactable

Jul 6, 2022

Justin Rowe is the Founder and CMO of Impactable, a B2B LinkedIn Ads Agency. Justin became the #1 Linkedin expert on the world’s largest RFP site and officially launched LinkNLearn which would eventually become Impactable. LinkNLearn exploded into a full-blown agency and expanded its offerings to include Linkedin Paid Ads.

His original company, Linknlearn, was acquired in 2021 after serving more than 1,000 clients in 30+ countries. They’ve worked with over 1,573 B2B Brands in 30+ Countries including everything from scrappy startups to billion-dollar tech unicorns.

In this episode, we’ll be talking about LinkedIn Ads. As you know, LinkedIn Ads is a lead generation platform that allows you to advertise to an already established online audience. It’s an insanely powerful tool for agencies, as well as businesses that are just starting out. We’ll be covering attribution, the costs associated with it, and why we don't use it, as well as some hot tips on running ads in your account today.

This Cast Covers:

  • Who is Justin Rowe, what is Impactable, and how did his agency become essentially a funded startup? (01:00) 
  • Why LinkedIn ads gets a pretty bad rep but is still one of the most reliable in terms of getting quality leads and more closed deals (06:15) 
  • What makes LinkedIn ads a superpower (09:09)
  • Justin gives away the type of ads you should be running now if you want to try LinkedIn ads (11:32)
  • How Justin tackles the nightmare of attribution in their own marketing and advertising efforts for Impactable (15:07)
  • The proven way to lower your cost per acquisition that most agency owners don’t like to admit (17:04) 
  • What makes Justin mildly frustrated about big agency owners who care way too much about attribution (18:17)
  • The acceptable cost per acquisition for an agency and an important metric you should be tracking if you’re running LinkedIn ads (22:00)
  • How what was supposed to be just a curiosity Justin was exploring turned into the acquisition of Impactable (26:48)

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