SOTR: How to Come Out a Winner in the Agency Space During a Recession

Jul 1, 2022

The pandemic brought about the beauty of working from home. How it could be more convenient, money-saving, and more familial bonding as some of the pros of the digital workspace setup. In this episode, we talk about one of its cons, on the other hand, namely the loss of more heated healthy competitions. JJ and Joey discuss if it is possible to recreate this kind of culture in the new norm of remote working.

This Cast Covers:

  • How effective are business/life coaches? JJ shares his success story with a life coach and with him as a business coach himself (2:39)
  • The 95, 5, 90 principle: the one concept you should look at to brew your colleagues’ motivation towards greatness! (7:00)
  • Let’s talk about the R-word: recession. What should agencies focus on to avoid going through recessions? (21:12)
  • JJ and Joey talk about when you should know that it’s time to pivot and abandon your ship (24:38) 
  • Physical workplace culture tends to be more highly competitive than work-from-home setups. JJ and Joey tackle what an agency could do to mimic a competitive culture digitally (27:54)
  • Want to establish healthy competition in your team? Check out KPI tracking. (35:04)
  • “The rule of thumb is you should have no client for about 10% of your total revenue.” Here’s why (38:39)
  • Client concentration = a big no no. Redirect your focus on this instead (41:43)
  • Have contract-dependent clients? Joey shares his thoughts on clients like this and how he manages them (49:41)
  • Things get personal: JJ asks Joey, “what are the things that when your margins get thin get squeezed out first?” 55:37

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