The Greatest Investment You Can Make in Your Digital Agency featuring Jacques Spitzer of Raindrop

May 5, 2021

My guest today is Jacques Spitzer, CEO and Founder of the San Diego-based full-service branding and advertising firm Raindrop. Over the past decade, Raindrop has helped more than six direct-to-consumer brands grow by millions in just months and are responsible for creating the top-performing ad of 2020 on Youtube. Among their clients include WORX, Omigo, Crossrope, HoneyBug, the Souplantation & Sweet Tomatoes, Dr. Squatch, BakBlade, T.S. Restaurants, Ruggable, and The San Diego Symphony.

He is also the author of the book People Love Turkey Sandwiches, a sought-after speaker, documentary filmmaker, and 2-time Emmy-winning storyteller and creative director. His work has been featured in Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine.

In this episode, Jacques shares where his love of creating videos came from, Raindrop’s breakthroughs and triumphs, hiring the best people for the company, and Raindrop’s plans for the next 5 years.

This Cast Covers:

  • Fun-loving 12-year-old Jacques who enjoyed storytelling and problem solving and pulling pranks during college (03:50)
  • Getting a job at NBC before he discovered his love for filming videos (06:58)
  • Charging 20 bucks an hour for his first few clients (08:16)
  • Jacques reflects back on Raindrop’s 10-year journey (10:52)
  • Helping the San Diego Symphony double their ticket sales within a year (11:46)
  • Being introduced to Jack Haldrup and working on the Dr. Squatch Soap ad campaigns (13:02)
  • Their experience of hiring a salesperson or sales team for the first time (16:06)
  • Why hiring the right people and hiring a Director of People and Culture was one of their best hiring decisions (18:38)
  • Why focusing on retention is almost more important than acquisition (21:41)
  • Generating many inbound leads from the success of the Dr. Squatch ad campaign (23:31)
  • Jacques talks about how Raindrop manages qualifying leads and how they plan to get in front of their ideal clients (27:32)
  • Strategies in mind for outbound marketing and reaching out to their dream brands(32:10)
  • Where Jacques sees Raindrop headed 5 years down the road (34:23)

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