SOTR: The Core Components of Crushing Cold Calling

Jun 10, 2022

Are you still having trouble getting out of sales and letting your sales reps take the lead? Well, hopefully, this episode helps! Joey shares the exact framework he uses to build out your scripting process for the SDRs in Sales Driven Agency. Not just that, but he also gives us insights on whether somebody can be trained or taught to have killer sales instincts, whether choosing purpose-driven companies as your niche can make your agency profitable, and what’s actually going on with the job and business landscape today.

What’s in Joey’s glass: Jesse James American Outlaw Tennessee Whiskey

What’s in JJ’s glass: Baker's – 7 Year Old Bourbon American Whiskey

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This Cast Covers:

  • Why the heck is the restaurant industry dying and what is contributing to this situation? (05:16)
  • The age-old dilemma of whether to pursue stability, ease, and convenience versus freedom, flexibility, and optionality (12:03) 
  • What Joey believes is a recipe for unhappiness and anxiety (12:52)
  • Trends we’re currently noticing about hiring and the reasons behind this shift (20:03)
  • JJ likens the hiring and job market landscape right now to what’s happening in college football recruitment (23:08)
  • The challenges in working with ‘purpose-driven companies’ from an identifying your TAM or list-building perspective (26:40)
  • The first question you need to ask when building an offer or picking a niche (29:15)
  • Is targeting purpose-driven companies a good or bad idea? (34:08)
  • The core components of crushing cold calling (36:40)
  • How to grab somebody’s attention in the first 3 seconds of a call (39:09)
  • Initial conversation-starter questions to get the person you’re calling to the next step (12:22)
  • The type of question you should never ask if you want to move the conversation forward and get your desired outcome (13:43) 
  • JJ recaps the exact framework for building out a scripting process for your SDRs or sales reps during cold calls (17:51)
  • What you’re probably missing out on by not joining The Best Damn Agency Mastermind (22:05)
  • Can you teach or train killer instincts in sales or is it just something that you either have or you don't? (25:43)
  • Would Joey rather have a steady Eddy predictable salesperson who’s quite average in performance or someone with an aggressive sales killer instinct but is an asshole and who you might lose in 18 months? (28:19)
  • The people Joey looks up to in terms of where he wants to be (31:22)
  • Are you running your business on your own terms or is it running you? (37:05)

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