SOTR: The Biggest Impact You Could Make on Your Business

Jun 3, 2022

If you’re serious about winning, then you have to have an extreme ownership mindset – not only for yourself but for your team as well. That means accepting responsibility for your failures and mistakes – something most people aren't willing to do but can make all the difference between a great salesperson or agency owner and a not-so-great one. In this SOTR episode, we're digging into what it means to have a culture of winning, how to onboard new salespeople and enable them to perform their very best, what it's like when everybody practices extreme ownership, and what you need to do to go from eight to nine figures as an agency. Also, JJ drills Joey on some pop culture questions. You'll find out his favorite movie of all time and what he was like as a young, angry teenager.

What’s in Joey’s glass: Manik Black Edition Extra Añejo

This Cast Covers:

  • The current crypto landscape and why you should be investing in sales instead (01:16)
  • JJ gets a hoot out of asking Joey questions that have nothing to do with business or sales (05:30)
  • What Joey’s done to build a high-quality network (13:35)
  • How Joey discovered a lazy hack to growing as someone who everyone wants to meet during a networking event (14:06)
  • What does a sales operation comprise? (19:15)
  • The key components of an onboarding plan for a sales rep (22:21)
  • Why you need to build out a very robust product market training for your sales reps to learn (23:50)
  • How long should you be handholding a new sales rep? (26:06)
  • What you should AVOID doing as a founder if you have your sales reps shadow you during a sales call (29:02)
  • Why having a very well-oiled process for sales is so crucial when training and onboarding salespeople (31:10)
  • What does extreme ownership mean in sales and what does that look like? (32:31) 
  • The best way to improve your win rate is to look at your loss rate, why you’re losing deals, not how to win more deals  (34:00)
  • Questions to ask to determine whether the salesperson applicant practices extreme ownership or not (35:55)
  • What happens when  people take extreme ownership in sales and every area of their lives (38:10)
  • JJ shares a cute and adorable anecdote about her three-year-old daughter getting featured in a magazine (46:19)
  • What’s it gonna take to go from eight to nine figures as an agency? (47:55)
  • As you grow, you’ll need to start ignoring the choosing a bit of particular niche advice and start branching out (50:42)
  • How to keep it fun and fresh for your salespeople and for your sales team every single day? (52:00)

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