What Mergers and Acquisitions Agencies Do featuring Amanda Dixon of Barney

May 18, 2022

Amanda Dixon’s M&A company aims to help entrepreneurs in this “tired industry” buy or sell their businesses. In this episode, Joey and Amanda talk dive deep into the M&A process and touch on topics such as determining the common reasons why agency owners decide to sell their businesses up to the valuations and earnouts of M&A companies like Barney.

This Cast Covers:

  • Get to know more about Barney  (2:21)
  • What led Amanda to establish an M&A agency (3:44)
  • How the pandemic helped strengthen the confidence of budding agency owners (4:34)
  • Amanda shares the most frequent reason why founders put their agencies up for sale (5:43) 
  • What potential agency buyers look for (8:19)
  • Amanda shares the trend of behaviors of both buyers and sellers (11:34)
  • That red flag of a statement that you should void declaring this statement to buyers (15:43)
  • The different teams that compromise an M&A agency (16:33)
  • Why EBITDA is the most important reliable measure for agency owners (20:39)
  • How Barney avoids nightmare M&A experiences (25:14)
  • How people perceive earnouts of an M&A agency (28:31)
  • Get to know how M&A agencies earn from their services (31:55)

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