SOTR: Welcome to the “Winner Takes All” Society

May 20, 2022

Setting goals may be overwhelming especially when some may seem very hard to attain. Joey Gilkey and JJ Russell discuss points varying from how to determine reasonable and unreasonable goals to anything in between, over a glass of some well-earned fine booze.

What’s in Joey’s glass: Redbreast Irish Whiskey

What’s in JJ’s glass: Buffalo Trace Whiskey

This Cast Covers:

  • How Joey and JJ witnessed an online rampage on Instagram (04:04)
  • Society’s reality (06:05)
  • Let’s talk about accountability. Joey and JJ discuss how they give credit where it’s due (11:32)
  • How to hold people accountable (12:23)
  • JJ shares his firsthand experience of Joey as a boss (14:43)
  • The majority of salespeople waste the majority of their time”, here’s why (23:23)
  • Get to know more about the doubling effect (24:07)
  • How to properly distribute designated roles as efficient as possible (25:23)
  • Is there a future where marketing becomes so effective that it will replace sales completely? (33:00)
  • Reverse engineering your scenario: Joey gives a detailed example of turning your unreasonable to reasonable (43:40)
  • On evaluating external and internal factors: when shit hits the fan, how do we go about it? (50:40)

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