Welcoming Gen Zs Onto the WorkForce featuring Brandon Amoroso of ElectrIQ

May 4, 2022

Brandon Amoroso is a Gen Z entrepreneur and CEO who founded ElectrIQ Marketing, helping e-commerce brands improve retention and increase LTV with thoughtfully tailored lifecycle strategies, email/SMS marketing, and web design and development. He is a DTC leader who focuses on Shopify and its lifecycle marketing and retention, as well as web design and development.

Brandon founded ElectrIQ Marketing in 2018 at age 22 while he was studying at the University of Southern California.

In this episode, Brandon shares how he went on and established his company while simultaneously continuing university life. He also shares his experience as a Gen Z entrepreneur himself and how he maintains a harmonious working relationship with a team of dominant Gen Zers as well.

This Cast Covers:

  • Get to know more about Brandon Amoroso (1:08)
  • How Brandon juggled his career and his university life (5:06)
  • Turning the vision into a reality: how Brandon paved his way to success  (8:18) 
  • Don’t be too hyper-focused on results. Here’s why you shouldn’t overlook strengthening your internal processes (10:11)
  • How word of mouth marketing worked best for ElectrIQ Marketing (13:20)
  • How ElectrIQ as a Gen Z agency reels in Gen Z professionals to be part of their team (16:15)
  • What Brandon does to maintain a healthy Gen Z dominant team (17:27)
  • Here’s what Gen Z professionals are prioritizing in terms of their potential employers’ benefits (22:12)
  • How ElectrIQ Marketing solved their dilemma with time tracking efficiency (26:50)

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