How Effective is Word of Mouth Marketing? featuring Kevin Miller of Gr0

Apr 27, 2022

Kevin Miller is the CEO and co-founder of GR0, a digital marketing agency specializing in CEO and focusing on helping brands to rank number 1 in search where they cater mostly to DTC e-commerce brands. He has helped scale the best D2C & technology companies with proven growth marketing frameworks, and launched a grammar website,, to prove his strategies work.

In this episode, Kevin shares how he came about establishing his own empire and how the business thrived during the pandemic. We also dive deeper into which key aspects of success Kevin focuses on the most.

This Cast Covers:

  • Get to know more about Kevin Miller (01:21)
  • What is more to digital marketing than ads (03:22)
  • How came about (04:06) 
  • What career Kevin wanted before getting his head onto the entrepreneur game (06:22)
  • How Kevin’s business succeeded even more during the pandemic (09:00)
  • Kevin’s influential list (10:43)
  • Employees are key to success: here’s why (14:16)
  • Why you shouldn’t underestimate word-of-mouth marketing (22:25)
  • The best leaders are those who don’t get too emotional in public (35:20)

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