The Biggest Risk is Not Cash, But Reputation featuring Nick Stagge of The Grounded Company

Apr 20, 2022

Nick Stagge is the Founder and CEO of The Grounded Company, a company that specializes in designing content that converts — emails, ads, websites, gifs, video, and more. Before creating his myriad of companies, Nick has worked with a number of notable brands including Zumiez, Skullcandy, and GoPro. With more than 25 years where 20 of it was with Nick working in notable companies, he decided that it was time for him to establish his own instead. Up to date, Nick has founded 5 companies of his own where all are fully running currently. Aside from his passion for business, Nick is also an advocate for mental health.

In this episode, Nick shares his experience on how he felt like it was time for him to finally build his own empire instead of existing in an empire of others. We dive deep into each of his 5 founded companies and the reason why they have been built.

This Cast Covers:

  • How The Grounded Company came about (01:24) 
  • What are cult-like followings and how are they important? (06:16)
  • This is what you need to focus on building first before targeting your general audience (11:27)
  • The reality of running an agency (16:42)
  • Just started an agency of your own? Don’t have the service or people your client is inquiring about? Check out this outsourcing model Nick does with his agency before saying yes! (17:43)
  • The biggest risk in startup companies isn’t cash, but reputation: why you shouldn’t always be a “‘yes-man” to your clients (20:45)
  • Nick shares the reason behind why he established his company We Are Mind, which aims to support people in business with mental illness (24:37)
  • Get to know Brenda and Chop Shop Productions, two brands out of the 4 of Nick’s myriad of companies  (34:13)

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