SOTR: Selling the Foot in the Door Offer versus Selling the Full Engagement

Apr 29, 2022

When we asked CEOs, agency owners, founders, and executives if they had a  follow-up system for proposals that fall through the cracks, you’d be shocked by most of them who answered none. All most of them do is send one follow-up email and that’s it. There's nothing worse than investing hours and letting it go to waste. Well, we’re gonna change the way you do follow-ups from now on. Thank us later. 

Aside from following up, we also discuss selling the full engagement versus a foot in the door offer, the 8-minute rule for avoiding no-shows, a quick email you can send to prospects who ghost you, and the importance of copywriting in sales.

This Cast Covers:

  • Joey gives JJ the 30-second quick fix for sprucing up the production value of his studio background (01:07)
  • Why do people pick fights just for the sake of picking fights? (05:40) 
  • Stop neglecting yourself for the sake of everybody else and take time for self-care (11:54)
  • Joey and JJ talk about hypersonic missiles and whether or not the US can defend itself against a full-scale attack (16:52)
  • How to get an agency owner to see beyond a small vision or past his ego (19:15)
  • The major differences both in how you run your calls and selling a foot in the door versus selling the full engagement (23:06)
  • Joey defines what a foot in the door offer is and why it’s the best (24:18)
  • A specific system for following up – Joey’s one, five, and eight-minute rule for avoiding no shows (33:03)
  • How to follow up on somebody that falls off the grid post-proposal or post-contract a.k.a. “ghosts” you (37:16)
  • The seven-word email that’s guaranteed to get you a reply from your prospects (39:18)
  • How so many potential deals got lost due to the lack of follow-ups (40:30)
  • A crucial element that often gets overlooked in the art of sales – copywriting (42:42)
  • The dangers and deception of social media and how to avoid getting sucked into your phone all day (48:37)

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