The Harsh Truth About Outsourcing featuring Jack Paxton of Top Growth Marketing

Apr 13, 2022

Jack Paxton is the co-founder of Top Growth Marketing (TGM), an agency that specializes in customer acquisition through paid ads such as SEM, social, display, shopping, and innovative digital marketing strategies.

Alongside TGM, Jack has co-founded two other companies including Hyax and Vyper. His motivation comes from building tools that help brands create a better buying experience with customers. He is also a speaker and Growth Marketing Expert, accelerating companies to multi-million dollar run rates in less than 6 months, conducting company audits, and consulting for growth in customer acquisition.

Outsourcing may be a great way for agency owners to have fewer hassle transactions but with it comes a slightly harsh truth. In this episode, Jack shares his experiences on how to be great at finding the right people for your team. 

This Cast Covers:

  • How Jack got his first closed deal at age 12  (3:41)
  • The reality of outsourcing with American clients (8:33)
  • Outsourcing is great but maybe it’s time for you to consider operating with a hybrid business model (9:30)
  • Joey and Jack share their experience with their vetting processes in their respective companies (11:43) 
  • Why The 30 Day Work Trial is a healthy process you should try (14:13)
  • Jack shares how he grew his agency (15:42)
  • The 5 different evolutions of a sales team (17:53)
  • Active and passive income: how scaling both streams may be the best move yet (24:04)
  • Diving deep onto the different profitability streams of income in an ad platform (25:25)

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