SOTR: Get so Good at Sales Where You Can Land Projects More Consistently and Predictably

Apr 22, 2022

As a founder, you're probably thinking about your exit at some point in the future. Most of the founders and owners we've talked to have been actively seeking to sell their businesses within the next decade—and as you might imagine, many of them find it difficult to create a plan that positions their company as a desirable acquisition target without overburdening themselves with extra work.

In this episode, we’ll reveal how you can get a head start on what you need to do if you plan on exiting or selling your agency one day. We go over whether you should focus on crushing inbound or outbound depending on your growth goals. We also talk about a popular book that’s been mentioned in our Mastermind lately, the Who, Not How, and why it’s critical to hire the right “who” in sales even if we keep harping that process is more important than people.

This Cast Covers:

  • Joey goes on a quick rant about cancel culture triggered by Lady A (01:16)
  • JJ discovers a new hobby that he can do regularly, makes him sweat and active, and is pretty challenging (05:00)
  • What would make Joey pack up and leave the country (10:08)
  • Why only very few agencies venture into selling an AI-driven, SaaS product-driven, SEO, or link building tool that can differentiate them from the rest of their competitors (13:44)
  • The SaaS software Joey would have probably built that’s both a CRM and data tool (15:53)
  • Why Joey still wins at crypto even if he knows jack shit other than the fact he knows who to listen to in the space (18:46)
  • Critical things most people don’t tell you about selling your agency (20:37)
  • What Joey would do if he wanted to exit SDA at this level right now (26:24)
  • How the Who, Not How Framework applies in the sales space knowing that process is more important than people (28:31)
  • Would you rather be an agency crushing inbound or an agency crushing outbound? (36:51)
  • Can you untether a really robust company culture that you value from your sales team? (41:12)
  • Why the American workforce has been over-emphasizing culture (15:57)
  • Elements to look at if you’re choosing between companies that have different company cultures (18:14)
  • Should you ramp up retainer-based work and perpetuity-based, residual-based sales if you’re already doing very well with project-based work? (26:33)
  • When is the best time to build referral relationships? (29:45)

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