Scaling a Boutique Agency to 7-Figures featuring Will Haire of Bellavix

Mar 24, 2021

Will Haire is the successful co-founder and CEO of BellaVix which is a full-service Amazon Agency that helps brands grow their business by offering different levels of support depending on the client’s needs.

Coming from a family of veterans, Will enlisted in 2002 where he acquired a Marine Electricians license through the United States Military Apprentice Program. 

With time, he realized that he had a passion for marketing and left a comfortable 6-figure job in the power industry to go work for $14 an hour at a startup digital agency.

For 10 years, he honed his skills in digital strategy, digital marketing, marketing consulting, advertising and marketing strategies on Amazon.

In 2018, Will and his wife, who is also a digital marketer, had a son. This prompted them to have a conversation about starting a business. Growing up, his father was an entrepreneur running an elevator business and he always knew that at one point, he would also want to run his own business.

In March, 2018, Will quit his job, and together with his wife, co-founded BellaVix. Within no time, after Will updated his LinkedIn profile, people that he had worked with before reached out to him. In less than 60 days after starting his company, he had 8 clients in his portfolio. 

Currently the company has 10 full-time employees, managing 20 Amazon accounts and generating $2M in revenue a month on the platform.

In This Cast

  • 05:16 How to successfully work with family members
  • 07:15  The challenge of hiring and recruiting as an Amazon service agency.
  • 07:38 Hiring a global team and how it affects company culture
  • 11:17 Why they chose an Amazon marketing service as their e-commerce niche
  • 14:11 Growing an Amazon Agency 
  • 15:07 How to price your agency services
  • 17:56 Vetting potential clients
  • 22:17 Using inbound marketing strategies to get leads and the platforms that will get you the most leads
  • 26:09 Screening potential clients and qualifying them
  • 28:11  Using a proforma to onboard clients
  • 37:19 The vision for BellaVix
  • 39:26 Round of Random – six random questions

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