Best Damn Agency Mastermind

Scottsdale '21

Location: Scottsdale, AZ



BDAM Members Only Event ($2,600)

This is an exclusive event for the Best Damn Agency Mastermind Members Only. Lock in your spot.

About the Event

Being away from our families and businesses for a few days is a sacrifice. That said, if I (Joey) am taking time away from my wife and son you're out of your damn mind if you think I'm not going to make these events worth every second of sacrifice for all of us. We'll work hard, play even harder, and we'll come back energized, envisioned, and better than when we left.

We do two of these extravagant events per year and we go all out. We struggle to call this a “retreat” because a retreat means we are pulling away from the things that matter the most to us. This event is meant to be a different (badass) location where we do pull ourselves out of the norm, but we also dive deep into making the things that matter to us most, even better… oh, and we have a shit ton of fun.

***Note: If you think just because you do millions or tens of millions per year that you can't still cut loose and have fun then you're a stiff. (kidding, but seriously… how'd you get in my mastermind?)

The Best Damn 3 Days & 4 Nights You Can Spend Working On Your Agency

September 15


5p – Check-in

6p – Dinner & Drinks Out

8:30p – House, open bar, pool, hang

September 16



9a – Session 1

10:30a – Session 2


1p – Session 3

3p – Pool Hang

5:30p – Dinner Catered

7p – Pool Casino Night + Open Bar

September 17



9a – Session 4

10:30a – Session 5 

12p – Working Lunch and Session 6

1:30p – Choose Your Own Adventure

Mountain Biking
Pool Lounge + More

7:30p – Catered Dinner + Open Bar

September 18


Catered Breakfast


11:15a – Lunch

12:45p – Desert Wolf Tours – ATVs through desert trails

5p – Dinner + Drinks Out (OYO)

***Note: Though the retreat is officially wrapped up at this point you can choose to fly out Sat night OR the house is still open for hanging, sleeping, etc. Checkout is 10a on Sunday.

Where are we staying
What are we doing


We don't hold anything back on these in-person mastermind events. Mansions, open bars, ATV tours through desert trails, workshops, casino nights, the works…

…. and more.

This event is at-cost… $2,600 all-inclusive. So what does that mean?

If you've not gathered by now, I don't bullshit. So when I tell you that we are doing this purely for the experience and the growth of our mastermind members… I mean it.

That said, these events are pivotal in our effort to help you become the best damn agency CEO you can possibly become. Though they are not mandatory… they kinda are if you want to get everything out of this mastermind that you possibly can.

In order to remove all hurdles and barriers from you making these events, we plan on making ZERO profit from this to ensure that it's as affordable as possible AND all-inclusive. Hence the cost only being $2,600 per person.

When I say all inclusive, what is included:

  • All Food
  • All Drinks
  • 4 nights of Housing. We are all staying at the mansion. Not all beds, rooms, etc are created equal because it's a home – don't bitch about it – there are trade-offs for having an insane & comfortable place to host this. (You are welcome to find a separate place to sleep on your own if you prefer. That's on you.)
  • All entertainment, adventures, etc
  • Most transportation

What's not included:

  • Your Flight
  • An uber here and there (although most transportation will be covered)


See you in Scottsdale!